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Launched in 2020, Found has been the pre-eminent CBD hotspot that is gaining increasingly popular in Hong Kong among wellness warriors, hipsters and CBD users. Integrative, modern and always knowledgeable, Found continues to define the CBD trend by selling boutique CBD skincare, wellness products and CBD-infused food and beverage in Sheung Wan.

Creature Comforts CBD in Sheung Wan, Found.

Being Hong Kong’s leading CBD-themed cafe and boutique, Found is taking a more sophisticated approach to propelling CBD into mainstream popularity by shifting and destigmatizing public misconceptions on CBD and promoting how these plant-powered remedies are a new manner of conversation not only for humans, but also for pets’ wellness routines.

For older pets who might have inflammation, sore joints or might be struggling a little bit with physical ailments, CBD can help with anti-inflammation and with reducing pain. And the other big benefit for pets of all ages is anti-anxiety”
--- Fiachra Mullen, Altum’s CMO.

Found, the CBD-focused cafe collaborating with Creature Comforts CBD.

Found collaboration with Creature Comforts CBD, selling of CBD wellness.

With our shared ambition on pet wellness, Creature Comforts CBD is excited and proud to announce as of April 24, 2021, we are selling our vet founded and formulated pet CBD supplement --- the Wellness Oil in the concept store. Treat your pup with a visit at Found's opening area during the snug and cosy weekend. Do not forget to grab yourself a CBD coffee as well as a few doses of Creature Comforts CBD Wellness Oil for your doggo .

Discover new paths to everyday wellness in Found with Creature Comforts CBD. 

Unit A, G/F, 8 Tai On Terrace, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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Did you guys also sell the calming oil in Found?

Selena April 30, 2021

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