Is CBD Oil Safe for My Dog?

As you may know, Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil landed on the global market since 2018 as a sought-after wellness supplement that has gone viral in Hong Kong, the US, Canada and worldwide ---- especially among the dog parents who have seen the success of CBD helping their flurry family members with a myriad of medical conditions, for instance pain management, depression and sleep disorders, to name but a few. Are you thinking of dosing your pet with CBD? Below are the answers to some of the questions that may have popped into your mind. 

Are the CBD supplements from Creature Comforts CBD safe and effective?


Our wellness tincture is made with a finest CBD Isolate that supports a dog’s wellbeing. Our CBD has been strictly tested and vetted, making it the widest choice for your pet. Our products are triple tested as flowers, as CBD Isolate, and as finished formula through third parties to ensure that there are no detectable levels of THC, pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals or microbials. Our formula has zero THC,  is non-addictive and highly effective. We’ve chosen to launch our line with ingestible tinctures because they are the simplest, yet bioavailable means of taking CBD. 

CBD has been shown to be safe, even at doses many times the recommended label dose. As of writing, there has been no documented research showing any dogs dying from overdose. In saying that, we would recommend you stick to the Creature Comforts CBD CBD usage, and dose your pet as they need. CBD does not cause addiction or dependence. All Creature Comforts CBD products undergo a consumer user trial under the supervision of Dr. David Gething to confirm safety, efficacy and affability.

Are there side effects when using Creature Comforts CBD for my pet?

CBD is generally very safe and side effects are rare. Occasionally a pet may have mild soft stools, or may feel quite relaxed as their body adapts to the CBD, but this tends to resolve quickly. Rarely, pets may rub at their mouth or drool if they do not like the taste or texture of the oil.

If you are concerned that there may be mild side effects we would recommend you give half the recommended dose and slowly increase as needed. If your pet is taking medications we would recommend you discuss using CBD with your pet prior to starting the supplement.

How do we ensure that our CBD oil is in trusted quality?

Quality services and products lie at the heart of what we do. Creature Comforts CBD is proud to be Hong Kong’s first vet founded and formulated line of pet CBD supplements. We have paired our 20 years veterinary experience with one of America’s most trusted CBD manufacturers. Our pet nutrition scientist uses a careful start-to-finish sourcing process to craft tried and tested bespoke botanicals.

Taking a thoughtful approach to developing modern pet supplements, our simple solutions with straight forward ingredients and paired back formulas are built for benefit with no extra fillers or unnecessary additives. Designed to seamlessly complement your family’s lifestyle and wellness plans, we are committed to using only ingredients that either directly benefit the health of the skin or support the integrity of our formulations. It’s our pleasure and commitment to source the purest ingredients to create the highest-quality supplement. 

The best-quality CDB Pet Wellness Oil

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