How CBD Oil Help Dogs with Arthritis?

Is your pet struggling when first getting up, reluctant to exercise, not wanting to walk or limping? You may think your pet is simply getting old, when in reality the animal feels stiff and may be in pain. How can we help prevent arthritic pain in our dogs?

Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. In fact, there are many ways of how a dog can develop arthritis. Often, people think arthritis is from old age and is a degenerative arthritis, where a joint becomes worn and stiff due to a lifetime of use. However, arthritis can also be caused by pathological abnormalities, such as immune dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, abnormal bone growth or trauma, and it can also occur due to damage from trauma such as a fall or accident, due to an abominably aligned joint that is seen in dogs with hip dysplasia. 

Regardless of the cause, there are indeed excellent treatments and pet supplements available for arthritis. In addition to rest and reduced exercise, putting these supports in place can help your dog’s inflammation be averted gradually. 

CBD oil is a great example of a pet wellness supplement that can help dogs suffering from arthritis owing to its anti-inflammatory effects. Like humans, dogs have specific cannabinoid receptor sites in their bodies. CBD can interact with these receptors and stimulate the neurotransmitters, helping to reduce pain and inflammation. Creature Comforts CBD user trials showed that 80% of 42 canines found their mobility increased within 14 days. This rewarding results has shown that dogs that received the CBD oil treatment registered a great improvement in their movement and pain reduction. Not only does CBD oil help treat inflammation, it can also help relieve chronic pain in dogs caused by arthritis. 

Of course, before starting any wellness supplements you should discuss your pet’s condition with your veterinarian. Not all supplements are suitable for all pets, your vet will help you to determine the best treatment. 


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