Creature Comforts CBD Media Event: Wish you were there!

What a week! April 28 marked the official launch of The Wellness Oil pet supplement at The Upper House! The Creature Comforts CBD team was delighted to host dozens of amazing journalists and content creators at our first ever media event. Our founders - Dr. David Gething and his wife Trilby White, were keen to answer attendees’ intriguing questions drummed up during the Q&A sessions. If you’re eager to know more, keep reading as we share some of the highlights from the event. 

The event kicked off at 10 AM with a mini photo opp, meet and greet session with our brand’s MD, Molly Leis Cornelius introducing The Wellness Oil, followed by an intimate Q&A session with Dr. David Gething and Trilby. Our founders  answered some burning CBD questions and had reiterated their passion for our launching product - The Wellness Oil. They emphasized the importance of pet wellness and how CBD oil acts as a modern pet supplement in clients’ wellness toolkits in conjunction with standard medicine.

Q&A session at Creature Comforts CBD oil launch event
After the Q&A session guests were invited to a special wellness moment. They were given a hands-on tutorial on canine massage hosted by Heal’s Wendy Tan. Wendy is a certified canine physical therapist practitioner that focuses on integrative care for animals in Hong Kong. Wendy shared the pros and cons of doggy massage and took us through some simple techniques that the attendees could try in the comfort of their own home - perfect for a snug and intimate pup massage.

Massage session in Creature Comforts CBD launch event
In celebration of our launch, the Creature Comforts CBD team was thrilled to dish-out gift boxes to the attendees, complete with our personalized dog bowl, bespoke dosing information, a bottle of The Wellness Oil and a customized Creature Comforts CBD yoga mat. We hope that everyone who attended the event will enjoy these wellness kits as much as we enjoyed creating them.
Content Creators at Creature Comforts CBD media event.

By 5pm, the Creature Comforts CBD launch event concluded with a torrent of applause and media posts. To see some content creators posts, please check out our IG Event and Friends Highlights. Special thanks to all guests for their support and interest in pet CBD and The Wellness Oil. We hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you at our next event. 

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CBD Oil for pets at Creature Comforts CBD media event.

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