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A Vet's Inspiration

A Vet’s Inspiration

From the age of three, Dr David Gething knew he wanted to help animals. Growing up in Australia, Dr David spent his childhood summers on his grandparents farm and traveling in the bush, returning back home to the Sydney suburbs for schooling. David decided at a young age that he would turn his enthusiasm into a career, attending both Sydney University and Murdoch University, graduating with a first class honors degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery and a degree in Veterinary Science. 

Dr David was always one who took the road less traveled. This road led him to travel extensively prior to settling in Hong Kong. He has always tried to look at a problem differently, consider new ideas, and look for better solutions for his patients. This search for a better way prompted David to set up Creature Comforts, a truly unique veterinary team which has grown over the last two decades to become one the most respected animal medical groups in the region. Dr David founded Creature Comforts from his spare room with four values: quality, care, compassion and positivity. The group has now grown to multiple animal hospitals, clinics and pet care companies, but those values remain as true today as the day we started.


" I'm excited to introduce this line of scientifically proven, CBD pet supplements to my clients as I personally created it with trusted quality, safety and efficacy in mind."

Dr. David Gething


To improve the lives of pets, and their families through a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

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